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Whole Transcriptome Sequencing/RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) uses the capabilities of high-throughput sequencing methods to provide insight into the transcriptome of a cell. Compared to previous Sanger sequencing- and microarray-based methods, RNA-Seq provides far higher coverage and greater resolution of the dynamic nature of the transcriptome. Beyond quantifying gene expression, the data generated by RNA-Seq facilitate the discovery of novel transcripts, identification of alternatively spliced genes, and detection of allele-specific expression.
Recent advances in the RNA-Seq workflow, from sample preparation to library construction to data analysis, have enabled researchers to further elucidate the functional complexity of the transcription. In addition to polyadenylated messenger RNA (mRNA) transcripts, RNA-Seq can be applied to investigate different populations of RNA, including total RNA, pre-mRNA, and noncoding RNA, such as microRNA and long ncRNA.

Initial gene expression studies relied on low-throughput methods, such as northern blots and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), that are limited to measuring single transcripts. Over the last two decades, methods have evolved to enable genome-wide quantification of gene expression, or better known as transcriptomics. The development of high-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized transcriptomics by enabling RNA analysis through the sequencing of complementary DNA (cDNA).
Applications of Whole Transcriptome Sequencing/RNA Sequencing
  • RNA-Seq provides a more detailed and quantitative view of gene expression, alternative splicing, and allele-specific expression
  • Recent advances in the RNA-Seq workflow, from sample preparation to sequencing platforms to bioinformatic data analysis, has enabled deep profiling of the transcriptome and the opportunity to elucidate different physiological and pathological conditions
  • Unigenomics helps scientist with the best solutions for transcriptome sequencing on best in class platform Illumina NovaSeq
Benefits of Whole Transcriptome Sequencing/RNA Sequencing
  • Offers powerful combination of read length and fragment or paired end library flexibility for transcriptomes of various sizes
  • Allowing profiling of the whole population of mRNA and enables mapping and digital quantification of whole transcriptome

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